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Broccoli and Burritos

Thursdays nights are for swim lessons.  I teach for fun at the local YMCA.  Sometimes though, like tonight, I’m the one who’s taught — or reminded of — the important lessons of life.

Mateo is my four-year-old energetic curly-haired student.  We were practicing our kicking by “racing” each other across the pool.  I was letting him win, because, well… it’s kinda mean to beat a pre-schooler.  As I was feigning defeat, the conversation went like this:

Me:  “How are you going so fast?”

Mateo: “Because I ate my vegetables today”

Me: “Oh?  What type of vegetables did you eat?”

Mateo : ” Broccoli!!”

Me:  “Oh! Do you like broccoli?”

Mateo:  “Yes.  I had it for lunch. What did you eat for lunch?”

Me:  “I had a burrito”

Mateo (matter-of-factly):  “Burritos aren’t very healthy.  You’d swim faster if you ate broccoli.”

Alas.  There’s nothing like a four-year-old telling you the brutal honest truth.  But what can I say?  He’s right.  After all, Robert Fulgham did say that all I need to know I learned in kindergarten.

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  1. The burrito axiom states the taste of a burrito is conversely related to the number of vegetables included in the burrito itself, excluding contents in the salsa and/or hot sauce and/or pickled items on the side.

    You should of beat the kid in the race - it would have made him hungrier and work harder. It’s what the Spartans and Mongolians would have done.

    However, I don’t think the Spartans and Mongolians were expert swimmers. So, what do I know? Haar.

    Finally, I applaud you on eating the whole burrito! Sigh, I only eat 1/2 burritos at a time or make my own again, nowadays. Sigh. The good old days of whole burrito eating and no consequences.

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